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Embracing Sustainability:  Doha Festival City and The Ministry of Environment Unite for World Environment Day

Embracing Sustainability: Doha Festival City and The Ministry of Environment Unite for World Environment Day

Wednesday, June 7, 2023/ Editor -  


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The campaign, organized as part of Doha Festival City's #FestivalCares CSR program, aims to promote sustainability and recycling to leave positive impact on the          community and the environment. 

Doha, Qatar – 7 June 2023: Doha Festival City, Qatar’s ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment, and inline with its brand positioning “It’s my Place, my Choice”, is celebrating World Environment Day as part of its #festivalCares CSR intiatives. 

To commemorate World Environment Day, which is celebrated annually on June 5th, Doha Festival City in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, is organizing a Reducing Plastic Pollution campaign. The aim of this initiative is to inspire the community to take action for a sustainable future. From June 5th to June 7th, the event includes a series of fun activities for young and old visitors, such as: planting trees and recycling workshops, plays, lectures, competitions for the public, and other environmentally friendly activities. 

In addition, there will be  a drawing and arts area, as well as representatives from a number of ministries, institutions and companies related to the environment and sustainability to show the efforts they put in to reduce the plastic pollution. Visitors will also have the chance to explore the environmental models that show the impact of plastic on wild and marine life. Furthermore, the event will include a model globe bearing this year’s slogan, a platform, a theater for events and competitions, and a children’s area to learn more about sustainability.

Commenting on the World Environment Day activities, Robert Hall, Doha Festival City’s General Manager, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: 'We are delighted to join hands with our community to celebrate the World Environment Day. Our primary objective is to raise awareness about the significance of recycling and encourage everyone to actively contribute to building a sustainable future. We extend our sincere gratitude to The Ministry of Environment for collaborating with us on this momentous day.”

Nouf Bakhmis, the organizer of the event for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, said: “The ministry’s celebration of World Environment Day comes this year under an important theme for all members of society, young and old.”

“The ministry partnered with the Doha Festival City to hold this event for all members of society in order to achieve solidarity towards preserving the environment. The event aims to introduce visitors to environment-friendly practices through the activities held in the Ministry’s pavilion,” she added. 

Doha Festival City's commitment to sustainability extends beyond World Environment Day, as the mall implements various initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. The mall's efficient irrigation system controls water usage in landscaping, utilizing timers and sustainable mechanisms. Additionally, the mall takes advantage of already used waters from its ventilation systems, cooling tower, and harvested stormwater to sprinkle lawns and nourish plants, further minimizing water wastage.

In collaboration with Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA), Doha Festival City has also installed EV charging stations to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce carbon emissions associated with conventional vehicles.

Doha Festival City is at the forefront of waste reduction and recycling efforts through its food waste segregation program. The mall collects and recycles food waste from over 80 fast food and dining outlets using in-house food digester machines, not only diverting organic waste from landfills, but also produces valuable compost for landscaping purposes. 

Additionally, the mall’s commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by its programs for composting organic waste and recycling paper, cardboard, and other materials, which have not only resulted in an increase in cardboard recycling but also reinforced its dedication to creating a greener and more environmentally conscious community. As part of its ongoing efforts, the mall is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its cutting-edge Reverse Vending Machine (RVM). This innovative machine will revolutionize recycling by providing a convenient and sustainable solution. The RVM will actively engage the community, tenants, and customers, encouraging them to deposit their empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass containers to contribute towards a greener environment. This initiative demonstrates the mall's unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of recycling and environmental responsibility, while also offering a practical and engaging experience for all stakeholders.

These initiatives exemplify Doha Festival City's unwavering commitment to sustainability, showcasing how businesses can positively impact the planet while delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

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