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Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som Encourages the Community in Qatar to Participate in Positive Earthing Practices

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The region’s largest holistic wellness resort sheds light on the simple act of coming into direct contact with the earth’s surface, such as walking barefoot on the beach or sitting on grass, bringing significant health benefits for all the family 
Doha, Qatar – 07 May 2022:   Zulal Wellness Resort offers a plethora of earthing experiences aimed at balancing the body, mind and spirt. As part of the Zulal’s retreats, wellness goers will be able to enjoy a number of earthing activities including Beach Nature Walk and Island Walk. 
Earthing at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som 
When we consider nature and its impact on health, we usually think about phenomena such as pollution, climate, food production, etc. However, there is compelling research that shows that the simple act of coming into direct contact with the earth’s surface, such as walking barefoot through the sands or sitting on grass, has significant health benefits. This is commonly referred to in the natural health and wellness world as ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’. 
The theory behind earthing is that when touching the earth’s surface, there is a transfer of electrons between us and the planet, which acts as a vast reservoir of these negatively charged particles. Cumulative research suggests that the earth's negative charge can promote a stable internal environment and normal functioning of all systems in the body.  
Conversely, a disconnect from contact with the earth has been proposed as a major contributor to disrupted bodily functions and declining health around the world. Unfortunately, due to our modern lifestyles and much time spent indoors, along with insulating environments (including footwear), we find ourselves without direct contact to the earth’s surface for prolonged periods of time.  
Doctors of the past were big proponents of walking barefoot. Some physicians would recommend an early morning barefoot stroll through the chilly, dew-filled grass to stimulate circulation and “enhance vitality”. Some studies even propose that earthing can decrease pain, enhance sleep quality, lower blood pressure, and surprisingly, thin the blood. Later research exploring health conditions such as insomnia has led to the development of specialized mats, bed pads, metal plates, electrode patches and even footwear for grounding. 
Now, you may view earthing and its proposed health benefits with some skepticism. It’s healthy to be critical of any theory that is accompanied by a line of costly products and services. Doubts aside, there are some common-sense benefits to the practice of earthing: 
• Generally getting back to nature can have a profound healing effect on the body. Fresh air, sunlight and natural sounds can regenerate the mind, replenish the body, and empower the spirit. It’s also a great way to escape from stuffy offices, virtual meetings, and conference calls, and regain admiration and appreciation for the planet.
• Removing your shoes and walking on the ground can be a practice in mindfulness – remaining in the present moment as you feel the warm, textured earth beneath your feet. Mindfulness is a great way to promote the relaxation response, which incidentally lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, enhances sleep, and reduces inflammation (with the potential of thinning the blood).   
• Earthing exposes you to the soil microbiome – which means not only a transfer of electrons to the body, but also a host of (good) microbes as well. Mounting research shows how the environment’s microbes play a major role in shaping our own microbiome (in the gut, on the skin, etc.). Biodiversity of the body’s microbiome improves the immune function and digestive health and supports all other body systems.
One of the pioneers of modern earthing is Clint Ober. A former television cable executive, Ober observed the similarities between the human body and the cables used to transmit television signals. When the body is not in contact with the earth, it is bombarded with electromagnetic fields and static electricity – just as when a cable is not grounded, there is interference in the signal.
What started as an observation turned into experimentation, and what he found was that sleeping while grounded improved quality of sleep and reduced aches and pains. Finding research in the scientific community lacking, he then went on to fund his own research, which was published in the ESD Journal in 2000. 
In 2004, Dr. William Amalu of the International Academy of Clinical Thermography began studying the effects of earthing on inflammation and pain. Subjects were grounded using either bed pads or conductive electrode patches. Before and after thermal images showed significantly reduced or even eliminated inflammation after only 2-4 days of sleeping while grounded or 30 minutes while wearing electrode patches. 
The science behind it is as follows: free electrons on the earth’s surface are transferred to the human body during grounding. These free electrons are bonded to by free radicals, thereby reducing the oxidative and inflammatory effects of these free radicals on the body. In other words, earthing helps prevent free radicals from attacking and damaging healthy tissues which often leads to inflammation and pain.  

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