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ACS International School Doha Continues With Technology-forward Learning to Support Students Beyond the Global Pandemic.

ACS International School Doha Continues With Technology-forward Learning to Support Students Beyond the Global Pandemic.

Saturday, May 16, 2020/ Editor -  


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 16, 2020:   The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has allowed academic institutions worldwide to rethink their use of technology. ACS International School Doha has intuitively been part of this shift, backed by a technology driven curriculum, to help its community transition from traditional to distance learning in science related fields.  

ACS Doha has always integrated a technology-driven approach in its teaching strategies to enrich the learning experience for students in all subjects. At the beginning of this year, ACS Doha began integrating new digital anchor resources for mathematics and science to ensure the rigor its curriculum. With teachers and students already using technology oriented approaches to learning and teaching, they maintained an advantage during the transition to distance learning that came with school closures in Qatar. It’s recent adoption of new digital resources in science and mathematics subjects have empowered both students and teachers to continue to foster innovative learning and knowledge sharing. 

“Our students, staff and alumni, work cohesively to share experiences and help communities grow and expand in knowledge. This unexpected global situation has posed a challenge in the daily operations of our community, but it has definitely not curtailed our passion to learn and grow together,” said Kimberly Elms, Education Strategy Services Team Curriculum and Assessment, ACS International Schools. 

Some of its latest platforms include STEMscopes Science which provides real time support for teachers and access to an updated digital science curriculum. The powerful STEMScopes science platform is currently implemented in ACS Doha’s Lower and Upper Schools. Lessons are built using a research-based model to deliver the five ‘E’s of learning. ACS Doha students can effectively engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate as they progress through the curriculum. STEMscopes also features mathematics and literacy connections, offering unique interdisciplinary approach that supports the school’s IB programmes.

On the  mathematics front, ACS Doha is helping its students navigate the world of numbers through two innovative platforms such as Illustrative Mathematics and the Great Minds platforms. Both offer educators a supportive platform with a wealth of expert knowledge and professional learning resources that give context to how mathematical theories apply to real world situations. By utilizing a problem based learning curricula, students are able to learn about the subject through the role of solving an open ended problem in the subject. This allows the students to become autonomous in their own learning.  As a result students learn not only how to do math, but also why math works. 

“We are confident that these resources will serve as comprehensive materials for parents and families to support distance learning. Plus, we continue to collaborate with more educational partners, who share our values of a holistic and future-ready education. As we live in a constantly changing world – and these current times are a clear reflection of that. It is imperative that we adapt and evolve in our offerings as institutions, as curators of young minds,” said Dr. Robert Harrison, Education Strategy Director. 

ACS Doha takes pride in its modern learning and teaching that secures the future of ACS Doha students now, and well into the future when they’ll return to the ‘new normal’ world of education. The school is opening its new state of the art campus in August 2020 as a part of its dedication to create a legacy in Qatar.

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