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Doha Festival City Officially Opened Its Exclusive Ramadan-Themed Virtual Arts Gallery with Great Success

Doha Festival City Officially Opened Its Exclusive Ramadan-Themed Virtual Arts Gallery with Great Success

Wednesday, May 13, 2020/ Editor -  


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A total of 50 selected artworks, from both amateur and professional artists alike, were virtually on display as part of the Mall’s #QatarUnitesUs community-driven initiative
Doha, Qatar – 13 May 2020:  Doha Festival City, Qatar's one and only destination for the community, officially opened its Ramadan-themed virtual gallery with outstanding success, offering an exclusive platform for art enthusiasts in Qatar and around the globe to view an array of Ramadan-themed artworks.

Under the umbrella of Doha Festival City’s ongoing #QatarUnitesUs community initiative, and with the main aim to support creativity in Qatar, a total of 50 local artworks, from both established and up-and-coming artists were selected from almost 200 submissions. A collection of artworks ranging from paintings, photographs, digital arts and calligraphy were displayed on Doha Festival City’s dedicated #QatarUnitesUs Ramadan virtual gallery on their website  
Themed under “Ramadan in Qatar”, the selection includes exclusive art pieces. To name a few; ‘Reflection in Isolation', ‘Calligraphy of Islam’ and ‘Spiritual Isolation’ with transcripts submitted by the artists alongside their artworks, showcasing the creativity and complexity of their work.

'Reflection in Isolation' is a piece that symbolizes the simplicity yet the importance of Ramadan for all Muslims, especially in Qatar. The piece reflects the fact that people may be at home but they're still with their loved ones to uphold one another and reflect of what really counts in Ramadan. 

‘Calligraphy of Islam’ -  At the moment a Muslim is born and again on his death bed, seven Arabic words are whispered into his ears: “La ilaha ilia Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah” which translates, “(There is) no god except Allah; Muhammad (is) Allah’s prophet.” This creed, which is the focal point of Islamic religion, is instilled into the mind of a Muslim from cradle to grave. It is repeated five times a day in the call to prayer. 

‘Spiritual Isolation’ - The detailed work outlines the personal experience of each Muslim during this pandemic. This art deploys a sense of collectivism in a time of isolation, with the means to spiritually connect oneself. With the continuous sound of tranquility lies the reality that society has to survive with rules that no longer apply. Along with the fact that a spectacle beyond belief has been unfolding before our eyes, this has caused individuals to stop metaphorically under the shade of trees to be awed by the unlimited efforts bestowed by authorities to control this widespread virus.

Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City, said: “Doha Festival City believes that art in all its forms can bring communities together. In support of Qatar Museum’s and Fashion Trust Arabia’s #StandwithCreatives campaign, our initiative aims to provide artists in Qatar the opportunity to showcase their works and we are more than happy to support the community in doing this through our hugely followed digital platforms”.
“It never ceases to amaze me the individual talent and expression in our community that is Qatar. From the outset of our #QatarUnitesUs campaign last year, I realized just how individualistic and yet united we are in Qatar, both nationals and ex-pats alike,” Hall concluded.

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