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Doha Festival City Raised Awareness on International Day for Food Loss and Waste with a Digital Initiative

Doha Festival City Raised Awareness on International Day for Food Loss and Waste with a Digital Initiative

Saturday, September 30, 2023/ Editor -  


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In alignment with the 2023 theme 'Reducing food loss and waste: Taking Action to Transform Food Systems', Doha Festival City emphasized its commitment to promoting responsible waste management through digital channels.

Doha, Qatar – 30 September 2023: Doha Festival City, Qatar’s leading destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment,  intensified its digital engagement to champion sustainability in commemoration of International Day for Food Loss and Waste on September 29. By leveraging digital platforms, the mall aimed to foster a deeper connection with its tenants and the broader community, underscoring the importance of eco-conscious practices.

The digital initiative not only highlighted the global efforts in addressing food waste issues but also showcased Doha Festival City's active role in promoting responsible waste management among its tenants. By using the power of digital media, the mall seeked to encourage the local community to join Doha Festival City in its sustainable efforts, fostering a sense of shared responsibility.

'Doha Festival City has always championed environmental sustainability,' remarked Robert Hall, General Manager of Doha Festival City. 'Our digital campaign is an embodiment of this commitment, designed to inspire our tenants and the wider community to adopt and advocate for responsible waste management.'

A cornerstone of its #festivalCares CSR initiative, Doha Festival City has taken decisive steps in waste management. Since 2022, food digester machines have been operational, complementing an innovative waste segregation program. Supported by over 80 dining outlets, this program processes organic waste into valuable compost, not only diverting waste from landfills but also enhancing the mall's landscaping projects.

Beyond waste management, Doha Festival City’s commitment to sustainability is evident across a spectrum of initiatives. The mall's cutting-edge irrigation system, for instance, epitomizes water conservation. By ingeniously repurposing water from ventilation systems, cooling towers, and stormwater, Doha Festival City ensures judicious water use.

Further cementing its position as an environmental steward, the mall, in collaboration with the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA), Doha Festival City has forged a path to a greener future with the installation of EV charging stations. These stations bolster the shift towards electric vehicles, helping reduce the carbon emissions typical of conventional vehicles.

Each of these endeavors reaffirms Doha Festival City's dedication to environmental preservation and its vision of nurturing a community culture anchored in sustainability.

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